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    New interview with THE METAL LAB.

    I recently had the pleasure of hearing this e.p called demon face/Stalingrad’s cross and you need to listen to this roudy bunch from joplin missouri USA. so I,v manged to get a few questions with
    Guitarist Ritchie randall.

    1)hi Ritchie how has 2019 been for gravehuffer and and how has the e.p release gone what’s general feedback been?

    Hello! Thanks for having me! 2019 was by far our busiest year as far as live activity. We played 30+ shows all over the Midwest. We even did a couple of short runs with our friends in Tommy Stewart’s Dyerwulf (former Hallows Eve) and Cult Of Sorrow. We played from Wisconsin to Texas and everywhere in between. The new EP came out on Friday the 13th in September on NoSlip Records. It was released on vinyl in 4 different colors. The feedback has been great! Eps are fun because you can get slightly more experimental since it’s a short batch of songs and not a full album. Reviewers seemed to pick up on that and enjoy that we’re progressing as a band.

    2) So can you tell me how long have the band been together
    And origins.?

    We’ve been together since 2008. Some of us played in previous bands together in the late 90’s so that helps with the writing chemistry for sure. The drum department has been an issue since our 1st drummer left the band in 2017, but we finally have a local guy named Jay Willis who is really stepping up regarding playing and even writings songs. We’re currently writing and recording a new full length album for NoSlip Records. We’re planning to release it later this year and hit the road with a bunch more shows.

    3) Who came up with the bands name and what does it represent??

    We used to be called KROM until 2012, when we changed the name to Gravehuffer. A good friend of ours was going to use it for his band but they never got that going, so we asked him if we could have it. We hook him up with some merchandise once in a while for letting us use it. There’s no real meaning behind the name. We just thought it sounded cool and original.

    4) So the e.p Demonface/Stalingrad’s cross I love it It has a very heavy but also hardcore feel. Was it a easy writing process? and are you guys happy with it? or is there anything you would change going forward For future albums.

    Yeah the writing process came pretty easy. Our bass player Mike and I wrote most of those riffs in between looking for a drummer. By the time we got a young kid named Kasey to fill in, we recorded those songs with him. He’s already in several other bands as well as living in a different city, so we knew it would be temporary. He did an awesome job though. James our singer came up with all the lyrics. Stalingrad’s Cross has this marching sound to it, so that inspired him to write something about World War II. Demon Face was a subject I suggested that everyone thought was cool, so James took that idea and ran with it. It’s about Edward Mordrake, who supposedly had another face in the back of his head. We’re very happy with the way the packaging turned out for sure. The mix could’ve been a little better and that’s what we’re really going to focus on for the next full length album we’re recording now.

    5) So what genre would you guys put yourself in today’s music scene?

    We’re a little bit of everything in the extreme music world. Metal, Punk, Hardcore, Doom, etc. The cool thing about that is we’re free to write whatever sounds and feels good to us. We can play shows with lots of different bands as well, which makes it more enjoyable for us. It also can help reach different crowds of people.

    6) what’s been your biggest personal achievement?

    Getting to release something on a label on vinyl and getting gear endorsements for the band. I love meeting new people and making new connections for it’s perfect for me.

    7) So 2019 seen you guys perform around 30 shows with some very decent bands and how was it for you guys
    An how does it feel to perform with some big names ?

    Yeah man it’s been fantastic on the live end of things! It’s always fun getting to play with so many different styles of bands and making new friends along the way. It was great to do some shows out of our area as well, and then see that there are at least a few people who have heard of us too! We were able to break even and not have to pay out of our own pockets to eat or get fuel, so that’s a win for us. Sometimes you can really lose your butt on the road, so we are thankful for that. It’s always a thrill to play with some bigger name bands, as you can learn a thing or two from them, as well as meet some of your heroes. They more often than not are fun to hang with and you can all relate to being in a band on the road.

    8) what makes you guys stand out from other bands.?

    I think we tend to have a somewhat old school vibe to us, but still try to make it sound new. It seems that when we play shows, people tend to tell us that they can’t really pigeonhole our sound. We’re just a melting pot of styles really, so that helps us be unique.

    9) So 2019 has been a good year for you guys Overall.
    Have you any plans on touring the album in 2020 or releasing another album ?

    We’re planning on releasing a new album on vinyl later in the year on NoSlip Records and of course playing a bunch of shows out of our region. This summer will most likely consist of some runs of several shows on the eastern part of the US. We made a lot of great contacts in 2019 and we plan on getting in touch with them and hitting the road for sure.

    10) do you have any bands that you have had inspiration from??

    So many bands! Mostly older bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Celtic Frost, Suicidal Tendencies, Black Flag, Venom, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, GWAR, Motorhead, Ramones, Morbid Angel, and so many more…. Thanks again for the interview! Cheers!

    Thnsks for your time Rich And for everyone reading, Please search for gravehuffer on all digital platforms

    Interview by the-night-stalker