How do I Join World Metal Scene?

First, visit and choose which membership level you want. We offer 3 types: Free, monthly, annually, or lifetime.

Secondly, follow the link given at checkout or in your email. If you chose a paid membership plan you will need to register the displayed username and your password to unlock all of the sites features. The registration link is and will only be visible to those who are logged in with a paid membership plan.

Why would I get a WMS membership?

Because World Metal Scene is awesome!

With a paid membership, not only will you have access to create over a dozen different types of Viral content, but you also gain a ton of membership benefits and rewards! Such as:

  • Your content gets more exposure to a laser targeted worldwide audience.
  • One click translations so wherever your content is viewed, they will see it in their chosen language quicker than ever, which will truly grow your global fanbase.
  • Not only is your content easily shareable, but we reward other Metalheads for sharing your content. Plus we show you how to set up a free tool that will automatically syndicate to all your social media accounts with no extra work! So not only is your content getting shared all over the world, but you don’t have to spend hours every day posting the same thing on all of your social media accounts.
  • We encourage you to share your links! Did you know the big social media platforms actually limit your posts if they contain links directing people to leave and visit another site? Well They do, we DON’T! As long as your posts are metal related and your links pertain to metal or the music industry, your links are completely acceptable, and encouraged.
  • TONS OF REWARDS! This entire site is structured around a unique points based system that rewards good actions and good content. If you are inactive and only care about self promoting and not being part of this community, then you will not gain as much traction as those who understand we can all grow together.
  • MORE EXPOSURE! At the launch of this site, The World Metal Scene group has almost 40,000 metal fans and bands. If you are a metal band, that is your target audience. People who love metal music just like what you do. No more need to waste money “boosting” posts. No more begging people to share your posts (you aunt Betty’s knitting group really doesn’t care anyways). It’s all set up here just for you!
  • No more getting lost in the mix. On almost every site or group, you will notice the more it grows, the less your content gets seen, which seems backwards. Here, the bigger the site gets the better you can grow. As a member, you will be able to join groups and even create your own with enough points, which will set you at the head of the pack and grow your following, local scene, label, whatever metal related group topic you want!

What REWARDS can members receive?

The rewards section will be posted on our Rewards page and changes often. That said, there are rewards that will remain constant. (Check rewards page to see exact requirements)

  • Each week, the top 3 “HOT” articles (most activity over the last 7 days) will be made into Google AMP Stories. These are one of the best ways right now to gain exposure on google search and will help your band get even more organic exposure.
  • Each month, paid members will get a free chance to “Spin the Wheel” and win even more prizes, promotions, and discounts.
  • Top videos will be added to our video platform (if certain criteria is met) which will use your video’s YouTube link to get even more views and traction on their site.
  • Videos added to our Television channel and aired on Roku and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Airplay time on our online radio station.
  • Article write-ups in our digital and physical magazine.
  • Interviews on one of our channel TV shows.
  • Featured artist/music business ad placements (this site, our video site, our magazine, our radio, and our TV channel)
  • Much more to come!

How do I create a post?

First, you must be a paid member to create content on our site.

The quickest way is the “compose” button on the page header from the desktop view, or on mobile, go to your profile page, choose “submissions” and select the type you wish to create.

What are the features of the different post types?


  1. Personality Quiz: A personality quiz is a series of questions that intends to reveal something about the person who answers them. The personality quiz, unlike a knowledge quiz, has no definite set of right or wrong answers. Instead, the answers that the respondent provides are compiled and analyzed to produce a response that supposedly indicates part of the respondent’s personality and/or characteristics.
  2. Trivia Quiz: Trivia is a type of game in which players are asked questions about different topics and they have to get as many correct answers as possible. Besides having the benefit of improving and expanding your knowledge, either general or in more specific areas, this style of game is designed so that the contestants have fun playing, and its main objective is to create discussion and healthy debate among participants. In fact it is not mandatory that Trivia winners have to get a prize and almost everyone is OK with that as their main objective is to have fun and learn at the same time.
  3. Poll: A poll is a survey in which people are asked their opinions about something, usually in order to find out how popular something is or what people intend to do in the future.
  4. Story: This is the most equipped type, which includes elements from all other formats and even more.
  5. List: A listicle is an article made of a list, usually with some kind of extra detail to each item. The format, however, is flexible. You could write a listicle which is nothing more than a title, five sub-headings for each list item, and a picture or gif below each. On the other hand, listicles can be used as a framework to make a complicated topic easier to understand. The subject you write about can be literally anything. Even if there isn’t a list which naturally fits a given topic, you can create one by looking at the subject with a certain angle.
  6. Countdown: A Countdown is the same listicle with а reverse order. The most important units are shown at the end. The goal of this type is to force a person to scroll through the entire page in order to find out who comes first.
  7. Open List: This type allow users to contribute by submitting new items to already created listicle and voting for them. This post type has several special options:
    • Close for submissions
    • Close for voting
    • Hide comments
  8. Ranked List: The Ranked List also allows users to contribute by voting to the list units. The system first shows the units with the highest voting score.
  9. Meme: A Meme type allows you to add custom resizable text to images. Most commonly, people use the generator to add text captions to established memes. However, they can also upload their own images as templates.
  10. Video: The purpose of this type is to simplify your work on adding video content. This is not for uploading video, but to get more views and backlinks to your existing videos. Copy&Paste the link from the following supported sites: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter, Coub, Vidme, Twitch, VK,  Odnoklassniki
  11. Audio: The purpose of this type is to simplify your work on adding audio content. Copy&Paste the link from either SoundCloud OR MixCloud
  12. Image: The purpose of this type is to simplify adding image content
  13. Gif: The purpose of this type is to simplify adding GIF content. Can be uploaded in .gif or mp4 format.

How do I gain and lose POINTS?

This site is setup to reward those in the community who create good content and are willing to help others grow. The more the community grows, the more we all win. Those who do nothing but self promote will not grow as fast as those who are active. Here’s the breakdown (may change at anytime without notice):

Registering = 1,000 pts

Anniversary = 5,000 pts

Daily Visits = 100 pts

Views = 1 pt per view (100/day max)

Publishing 1st Post = 100 pts for each type

Publishing Posts = -100 pts

Publishing Events = -1,000 pts

Visiting Linked Content = 1 pt/each unique url

Viewing a Full Video = 20 pts

Referring Visitors = 1 pt each

Referring New Members = 500 pts

Rate someone’s Post = 1 pt

Get views on your posts = 1 pt per view

Get Awarded Trending Post = 1,000 pts (Top Post in the last 24 hours)

Get Awarded Hot Post = 3,000 pts (Top Post in the last 7 days)

Get Awarded Popular Post = 10,000 pts (Top post in the last 30 days)

Publish as Uncategorized = -500 pts

Update Profile = 10 pts

Delete Profile Activity = -10 pts

Add New Profile Pic = 10 pts

Add new Profile Cover Photo = 10 pts

Add new Friend = 1 pt

Delete Friend = -1 pt

Create a Group = -5,000 pts

Delete a Group = -1,000 pts

Join a Group = 10 pts

Leave a group = -100 pts

Attend an Event = 500 pts

Cancel Attendance = -100

Review a Product = 100 pts

1st person to Report a Post (will be awarded manually be the admin) =up to 2,500 pts

What's the deal with Trending Hot and Popular?

Our Custom Post Ranking System is a more advanced and fair way of controlling user’s votes according to some specific settings. These rankings are used for our rewards and to boost visibility of good content.

WMS has 3 types of Rankings.

  1. Trending
  2. Hot
  3. Popular

Rankings have 4 types of conditions for getting points.

  1. Most Voted
  2. Most Viewed
  3. Most Discussed
  4. Most Shared

All rankings working within specific time frame:

  1. Trending – 24 hours
  2. Hot – 7 days
  3. Popular – 30 days

How do I submit an Event?

Event submission is a benefit of being a paid member. To access the event submission form, you must be logged in and on your back office page (by clicking your avatar). Then, click the more option (3 dot/hamburger button) and choose events from the drop-down menu. From your event profile you can choose My Events to add a new Event.

How do I use WMS to Automate my music Marketing?

(The post on our site, automatically publish everywhere feature is in the final stages of development and will be posted here soon) Thank you for your patience.

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